Streaming Media Solutions (live and on-Demand, video and audio)


Whether you want to stream your church services to your entire congregation world over or you want to communicate with all your staff all over the world at once, PureHost provides Live Video Streaming Service in both video and audio formats via the internet and satellite to meet your need. We deliver flexible video content management system, live streaming, video publishing, video encoding, pay-per-view playlists for Churches, Academic Institutions, Live Conferences, Live Events, small and mid-sized organization etc.



•Traffic Bandwidth: 500 GB

•Maximum concurrent viewers: Unlimited

•Bit rate: Multiple bitrate (58kbps to 387kbps) – this will allow people to receive the video stream at different bandwidths.

•We shall also provide a hosted page to deliver the stream as well as a link for embedding on your site.

•Delivery format shall be Flash based (we’re using this as over 90% of Internet users have Flash enabled browsers and the technology is platform independent).

•Optional Stream to Mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)

•Our analytics package shall include vital stats such as concurrent users, geographic data, etc. These stats shall be presented in a variety of formats including graphical.


  • -         Provides access for members and other persons that cannot physically attend the streamed event
  • -         Complements live coverage on other media such as TV and radio
  • -         Increased access to a wider audience
  • -         Compliments your organisation’s online strategy
  • -         Provides an interactive system built around the service
  • -         Accessible from a wide variety of devices including mobile devices such as the iPAD, iPhone, blackberry etc
  • -         Youth friendly and trendy
  • -         Complements the organisation’s efforts at membership management



We require the client to provide the following:

•Minimum Internet bandwidth: 512kbps (uplink); preferably dedicated.

•PC (Intel P4 or higher, 2GB RAM or higher, video card)

•Video output from console (firewire or USB)

 We shall do setup and a test run two (2) working days before the kick off of broadcast. This would allow us ample time to prepare for the broadcast.

As for the Internet bandwidth requirement, we can optionally provide. The below is a list of the available plans for Internet bandwidth sufficient for our streaming requirement:

i. Visafone

We have teamed up with Visafone to create a special streaming supported bandwidth plan that works 24 hours a day for 1-month duration. This solution gives sufficient bandwidth as required for streaming ingest and monitoring. However, this solution would only work where Visafone has an EVDO presence. We can furnish you with details of the EVDO locations upon request.

ii. Smart Micros

Smart Micros will provide Internet Access with a minimum uplink of 300KBPS as sufficiently required for stream ingest/uptake from client base. The Internet service will come up 4 Sundays a month(for churches). We can get you to meet them for other customized requirements as you may desire. The Smart Micros option will work anywhere and you have a choice of KU-Band or C-Band..

All Our hosting Plan comes with:

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